Highfield Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment

What’s It About?

This Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment course will provide your employees with the knowledge and confidence they need to carry out or review risk assessments in your business.  It will ensure that they have the necessary depth of understanding to be competent to undertake this role effectively.  It will take them through an effective yet easy to use risk assessment format.

After the course your employees are required to use the knowledge they have gained to complete a risk assessment assignment.

Who Should Attend?

This one day course is perfect for managers, supervisors, heads of department, quality controllers, technicians, engineers and health and safety specialists.  In fact it is for any personnel with the responsibility to carry out risk assessments; regardless of the industry or environment that they work in.

It is essential that employees attending this course have had previous training in general health and safety; ideally previously gaining the Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Why’s It Important?

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 you are required to carry out a systematic examination of all work activities within your business.  This forms an integral part of an effective health and safety management system.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all these activities are planned, implemented and controlled effectively and that risk assessments are carried out where required.  You should also ensure that you regularly monitor and review the risk assessments to ensure continuous control and elimination of any hazards. If you have five or more employees, all risk assessments must be recorded in writing.

An unprotected workforce is likely to be expensive, through lost workdays, inflated premiums or court costs.

What Will You Gain?

By attending this Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment course, your employees will be able to assist you in meeting your legal requirements.  They will have the skills needed to promote improved standards of health and safety within your business.

Your employees will understand what is involved at each stage of the risk assessment process. They will be able to rate risks according to their likelihood and severity;   ensuring suitable control measures are put in place.

On returning to the workplace, your employees will be able to carry out risk assessments.  They will also be able to review existing assessments and contribute to a risk assessment programme.