Highfield Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment

What’s It About?

This Level 2 Risk Assessment course will provide your employees with the information required to ensure that they are able to carry out effective risk assessments.

It includes the five stages of the risk assessment process and the risk assessment format to use.

Who Should Attend?

This one day course is right for employees who are involved in developing a risk assessment and/or enforcing procedures in the workplace.

Whatever environment they work in, it will raise their knowledge of risk assessment in the workplace and ensure they know how to implement the necessary controls to ensure that the risks are reduced to a safe level.

This course is not suitable for managers or supervisors who already have basic risk assessment knowledge.  They would need to attend the Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment qualification.

Why’s It Important?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work (MHSW) Regulations 1999 require all employers and the self-employed to assess the risks from their work on anyone who may be affected by their activities.

The Regulations require that systematic examination of work activities is carried out in the form of a Risk Assessment. If you have five or more employees, the significant findings must be recorded in writing.

Anyone affected by your working activities is at risk if you fail to identify the hazards within your business and implement the necessary controls to ensure that the risks are reduced to a safe level.  If you don’t know, or appreciate where the risks are in your business, you are putting yourself, your employees, your customers and your organisation in danger.

What Will You Gain?

By the end of this Level 2 Risk Assessment course, your employees will understand how to undertake a sufficient and effective risk assessment.  They will know what is involved at each stage of the risk assessment process. They will be able to rate risks according to their likelihood and severity and ensure suitable control measures are put in place.

They will also understand the legal requirements in regards to undertaking a risk assessment.

On returning to the workplace, they will be able to contribute to both the maintenance of a safe work environment and to the process of formal risk assessment in the workplace.

What Will It Cost?

Our aim is to help you make your training budget go further and we offer a range of cost effective training options, for example:

In-House Courses

Training from as little as £46.50 + VAT per person, based on a group of 15 people

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