How often should you review your emergency plan

How Often Should You Review Your Emergency Plan?


One question we are often asked is “How often should you review your emergency plan?”  In this article we answer this question and also explain what a review should entail.

Your emergency plan should be reviewed at least annually to ensure it remains effective. It should also be reviewed if anything changes in the intervening period. This would be changes such as redesign or refurbishment of a building, introduction of a new activity or process, change of use of building or a change in occupancy.

What does a review entail?

You need to know that your emergency plan works which is the main purpose of a review. The review should be systematic and the aim of it should be to:

  • Make sure changes that may impact the plan were not overlooked.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Determine if more training is needed.

The review should be recorded and kept on file.

How do I go about doing a review?

It is helpful to use a checklist when reviewing your plan. This will also allow you to keep concise records of what has been changed during each review. Items to be included on your review would be:

  1. Is the list of staff who have specific responsibilities and their contact details correct?
  2. Are evacuation procedures up to date and still relevant to the premises?
  3. Are training record present, and up to date?
  4. Are there records of fire drills and have all corrective actions been closed out?
  5. Are nominated assembly points and escape routes still valid?
  6. Has there been any change in circumstances that requires the plan to be updated?
  7. Has the most recent fire risk assessment highlighted any areas of the plan that require revision?

What do I do once I have reviewed the plan?

Once your plan has been updated it needs to be communicated to your employees. For this reason it is a good idea to carry out your emergency plan review just before annual fire training so updates can be included in the content.

Training Available

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