Food Safety Advice Services

With over 21 years’ experience our team of food safety consultants provide a range of food safety advice services.  We work with businesses that are serious about improving their food safety culture, helping you to achieve legal compliance and best practice standards.

The food safety advice we provide offers pro-active sensible support and guidance to help you protect yourself, your business, your employees and your customers. You will also gain peace of mind knowing your company is safe and legal. As a result of this your business will benefit significantly and become more organised, running smoother and moving forward.

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Food Safety Management System
It is a legal requirement of all food businesses to have a documented food safety management system in place, based on the HACCP principles.

Envesca will create a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow system tailored to suit your individual business to help ensure you maintain due diligence.
Food Safety Audits
Audits are a vital part of the compliance process and provide an independent overview of your current practices and standards.

A comprehensive audit report will highlight areas of non-compliance and provide a step-by-step action plan to ensure you demonstrate due diligence, reduce the risk of enforcement and enhance your reputation.
Food Poisoning Investigations
Envesca can assist you in the management of any food poisoning allegations. We contact the customer, discuss their experience and gather information, including details of your food preparation method and records that have been maintained.

Our findings are reported back to both you and your customer. In the case of a confirmed outbreak, we will help you liaise with customers and enforcement authorities as necessary.
Envesca will create a personalised HACCP plan tailored to your business that addresses each of the principles required.

It will identify potential hazards in your processes and procedures and highlight critical control points essential to the prevention of food poisoning or contamination.
BRC Accreditation
Is your business looking to achieve or maintain the documented systems required for certification to BRC Global Standards for Food, Packaging or Storage & Distribution?

BRC Global Standards' guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Envesca can offer gap analysis and expert support to meet these standards prior to and during the certification process.
SALSA Accreditation

Do you feel that BRC Accreditation is a little too complex for your business? Do you need a documented professional standard to prove due diligence to suppliers?

SALSA is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of 'best practice' of professional food buyers and could be ideal for you!

Envesca can provide expert assistance and support to meet these standards prior to and during the certification process. It’s the perfect solution for the smaller business.

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